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A network booster is also known as amplifier and repeater which is used to strengthen the network signal in low coverage areas. A network signal booster consists of

1 ) Exterior Antenna

2 ) Amplifier

3 ) Interior Antenna

How mobile network signal booster works ?

Source : weBoost

A cell phone signal booster (also known as a signal extender, signal amplifier, or cell phone repeater) works by pulling in weak outside signal, boosting it, and rebroadcasting the boosted signal into the desired areas. They also work in reverse: the signal booster will receive the signal from your phone and send it back to the tower.

There are different boosters available that target different needs:

  • In-Building Signal Boosters – They are designed for homes, office buildings, commercial buildings, and any building that needs signal.
  • Vehicle Signal Boosters – They are designed for cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs, boats, and fleet vehicles.

Keep in mind that for a cell phone signal booster to work, there must be an existing signal outside your home, office, or vehicle. A cell phone signal booster enhances existing signal, it does not create it.

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